Kuntu Village (Ghana)

and Kuntu Village Nkosohen Committee-USA


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Bucks County (PA) Chapter of Links, Inc., a KVNC-USA supporter, site visit to Kuntu

Links with Kuntu SSS Scholars

Links at the Kuntu Methodist Chirch

Links at the Kuntu Methodist Chirch

Links durbar

Nana Brebo dancing at Links durbar

Links at Kuntu beach

Links at Cape Coast slave dungeon and castle

Links on the Kakum rain forest canopy walkway

Links bargaining in Kumasi

Links at the "River of the Last Bath"

I visited 6 churches while in Kuntu, including the First African Church in Kuntu

...and Church of the Twelve Apostles

...and Assembly of God church

On photo night I projected over 400 of my Kuntu photos. They wanted more!

The Odambea was big fun, as usual.

Nana Brebo and I danced!

All the chiefs danced!

Nana Brebo and Queen Mother Montoa

I met some old friends from my 2005 visit.

I met with some of the Nkosohen Scholars.

...including Janet, my "soul" when I was enstooled as nkosohen 5 years ago.

Before leaving, electricity was installed in the JSS Nana Baffoe Library.

This summer KVNC-USA funded 2 drinking water storage tanks in Kuntu.

Treated water is trucked-in from Cape Coast or Saltpond.

Ama is in charge of dispensing water in Kuntu.

Saturdays are for communal labor projects.

Everybody, including children, work.

Clearing brush is a weekly task.

I was invited to a family yam festival remembering ancestors and celebrating the harvest.

"Food" is a big part of the yam festival

...and eating is part of the celebration.

I also usually visit the neighbor fishing village, Ankaful.